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Tectonic and AVROBIO have completed their anticipated merger.
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About Us

Tectonic is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic proteins and antibodies that modulate the activity of G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs).  Tectonic was co-founded by Timothy A. Springer and Andrew C. Kruse of Harvard Medical School.

We have developed a proprietary technology platform called GEODe™ to enable the discovery and development of GPCR-targeted biologic medicines that can modify the course of disease, by addressing challenges that have limited the pace of innovation in this field.

Our focus is on areas of significant unmet medical need, often where therapeutic options are poor or nonexistent, as these are areas where new medicines have the potential to improve patient quality of life.

Alise Reicin, M.D.

President and CEO, Director

Christian Cortis, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

John Diener

Senior Vice President, Antibody Engineering & Protein Sciences

John Diener

Senior Vice President, Antibody Engineering & Protein Sciences

Daniel Lochner

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Lochner

Chief Financial Officer

Peter McNamara, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Anthony Muslin, M.D.

Chief Development Officer

Barry Rubenstein

Senior Vice President,
People & Culture

Marcella K Ruddy, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Marc Schwabish, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer

Board of Directors
Terry Mcguire
Chair, Board of Directors, Tectonic Therapeutic and Partner, Polaris Partners

Timothy A. Springer, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Tectonic Therapeutic, Latham Family Professor, Harvard Medical School and Professor of Medicine, Children’s Hospital Boston
Stefan Vitorovic
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Vida Ventures
Stefan Vitorovic
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Vida Ventures
Alise Reicin, M.D.
President and CEO, Tectonic Therapeutic
Alise Reicin, M.D.
President and CEO, Tectonic Therapeutic

Phillip Donenberg

Board Director, Audit Chairman, Taysha Gene Therapies Former Chief Financial Officer, AveXis

Praveen Tipirneni, M.D.
President and CEO, Morphic Therapeutic

Our Science

GPCRs are receptor molecules found on the surface of cells that act as sensors for various extracellular stimuli to enable communication between cells and their environment. They regulate diverse aspects of human biology including blood pressure, glucose metabolism, transmission between neurons and immune surveillance. There are over 800 human genes encoding GPCRs, underscoring the extent to which nature has relied on this molecular system for physiological control, and more than 30% of all approved drugs address targets in this class.

While the vast majority of these are small molecules, biologics present advantage in certain situations. For instance, when targeting a single member of a highly related family of GPCRs, the selectivity profile achievable with an antibody may be preferable to that of a small molecule to optimize therapeutic efficacy and safety for the patient. Conversely, when multi-modal action is needed to achieve a desired physiological effect, proteins engineered for bispecific function allow for dual target engagement, unlike small molecules that are generally optimized for action on a single target. Our focus is on developing biologics to address GPCRs with the goal of capturing such opportunities.

Tectonic has the expertise and experience in the biochemistry and biophysics of GPCRs, to translate basic research in this field into novel therapies. Our GEODe™ platform has the potential to overcome the challenges encountered to date in GPCR biologic discovery campaigns, and enable the advancement of novel GPCR-targeting therapies.


Tectonic development programs include first-in-indication opportunities*
Group 2 Pulmonary Hypertension
Relaxin Opportunity in Group 2 PH
Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT)


Current Openings

Please check back periodically for updates on opportunities to work with our team.

Our Culture

At Tectonic we are motivated by a “speak-up culture” where divergent perspectives are shared openly, respectfully, and fearlessly. We understand that we can learn from both triumphs and setbacks and that breakthroughs are often the result of the most unexpected insights.

We believe a shared commitment to excellence and creativity is what makes meaningful scientific and medical advances possible. We work hard yet find time to laugh together as we drive toward achieving a common goal-improving human health. We collaborate because we recognize the urgent need for new therapies and that teams score more goals than individuals. We value diversity both in who we are and in how we think because the more perspectives we bring to a challenge, the more likely we are to succeed.

Tectonic – a place to grow and succeed together.

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